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Looking for a simple way to teach Classical Education?

The Ethos Logos system was built and perfected in our own classrooms. Our printed lesson cards and our day-by-day digital lessons delivered directly to you, allow you to explore the deep and rich educational experience that is Classical Education. Get started today if you're interested in homeschool curriculum programs.

Our system can be used in:
Lesson Cards
Easy to follow monthly curriculum overview lesson cards that detail each subject and provide powerful questions and guided learning.
Guided Lessons
Preplanned step-by-step lessons are delivered to your inbox monthly. Each lesson is easy to follow. Also access our full library to help develop your own lessons.
Master Teacher Online Classes
Hire one of our Master Teachers to provide group lessons or you can schedule a one-on-one Master Teacher lesson.

What is Classical Education?  

Perfected over 1100 years, rooted in the greatest works of literature, arts, history, mathematics and science, Classical Education is a time-tested education model that helps scholars learn how to learn.

Classical Education’s roots go back to the Academies of Plato and Aristotle. Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great as a young man, with the same underpinnings of how our model works today. The goals are still the same; expose scholars to age- appropriate facts, ideas, and skills. Teach a wide range of ideas from sciences, mathematics, arts and use deep rich stories to help a student live through the successes or mistakes found in classical works of literature. The homeschool program you're looking for is only a few clicks away!
Ethos Logos uses an easy-to-follow Lesson Card platform that allows you to mix, match and customize your instruction to your family and student's interest. Over 800 graphical lesson cards are dated and color-coded for ease of understanding. Line up your cards and explore the deeply rich world of Classical Education.

What People Are Saying

  • "His enthusiasm for learning was reignited as he discovered topics that sparked his interest."
    Kelly Hanson
    Mom of four - Executive
  • ".. day to day tools to guide my children’s learning that align with our family’s values is priceless."
    Mya Robertson
    Classical Education Kindergarten Teacher, mom of two
  • “(Ethos Logos) allowed her to learn exactly the way she needed. “
    Nereyda Martínez
    Mom of four
  • “...values-based homeschool system... matches their worldview.”
    David Towne
    Teacher of The Year - Former Principal Classical K12 School
  • “quality classical home school education.”
    Mike Alameda
    Executive Director of Corazón Ministries
  • "Why wasn’t this around when I started teaching?"
    Tom Askew, Ed.D
    40 Year Educator - Curriculum Designer Former Principal, Classical K12
  • “...easy to follow program that will allow anyone to reap the benefits at home or in a charter/public school.”
    Melinda Cuilty
    Classical Education Teacher – Charter
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We provide the WHAT,
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The highlights of the Medici Curriculum Program include:
PreK to 12th Grade for every subject, broken into 10, one month long, units.
Standards-alignment if you chose.
Full units for ELA, History, Art, Music, Logic, Science.
Day-by-day and lesson-by-lesson for each grade.
A deep and rich content to customize for your child.
Digital resources to complement 70+ classical novels.
3,000 math videos aligned to each grade and standard.

May We Recommend

Below are content providers, vendors, or organizations that we recommend and suggest in your schooling adventure. Many of these are open source and offer complimentary content to our curriculum. 

Blending Classical and Charlotte Mason for a Custom Homeschool

Charlotte Mason was a British educator at the turn of the twentieth century. Her belief was that children benefited most from a wide classical liberal curriculum. For Mason, education was a focus on the whole child, not just academic subjects but character development and a love of learning.

Charlotte Mason is another major component of our particular Classical model. We have learned that Classical schools have all different shades of gray in their approach to education. Many Classical schools are very reserved, orderly, and controlled, some are loosely following the Classical model. It was our goal to incorporate, fun, hands-on experiences into our education model but yet retain the structure and format which has made Classical education effective for 2500 years.

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