Charter Schools

Built And Perfected In Award Winning Charter Schools

Our curriculum model (a blend of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education) originated in private Christian schools in the early 1990s. After years of updates and revisions, we adopted the scope and sequence of public education in the form of the fastest-growing charter school network at the time in the US. Our team of teachers and administrators spent years adding, removing, aligning with standards, ensuring pacing was correct, and integrating other resources into our academic model in order to build a program that would achieve academic results and keep the integrity of the Classical Education/Charlotte Mason model. This curriculum and our accompanying teacher training and academic monitoring support produced high-achieving schools with award-winning recognition from our communities. Each year our teaching staff would review, edit, add and perfect the system until we have the model we do today. 

Our platform originated in Christian schools, and in our public school products, we removed any doctrine-based teaching to comply with American public schools' separation of church and state. We cover each of the major religions from a historical perspective and use classic novels and defined values and virtues to achieve similar moral teachings as would be taught in a private Christian or Catholic school. For our private, faith-based schools, think of our curriculum as an academically friendly platform that you can easily add in doctrine-based teachings that maintain the integrity of your faith and teachings.

For our charter school operators, this curriculum plan is one important part of how we can help you open and run your school. As we expanded our network, our team systematized as many operations as possible to ensure consistency and flexibility while achieving academic results, authorizer performance metrics, and teacher and parent satisfaction. Visit our Charter Management site to learn all the nuances of how we can help you open and operate a Classical school in your area.

We built this platform for and in our highly-rated charter schools. Here are some of the elements of our system and how we can help your team build and operate a successful charter school in the US.

Our System Can Help You Open And Operate In Any Of The Following Ways:


Teacher Hiring

Professional Development

Academic - Data-Driven Monitoring

Character Education Modules (Anti-bullying)

Charter Drafting and Support

Development and Construction Support

Financing Reviews

Marketing and Demographic

Ongoing Operations with Systems Monitoring

The Ethos Logos Curriculum is one important part of a full operational system that can help your team open and operate a successful American Charter school.

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