Online Homeschool Programs

Behind the Unit Cards and workbooks is a full digital support platform that will guide your family through each subject, and each grade on a day-by-day basis. We built out this platform using a learning management system (LMS) specifically used in American schools.

Using the LMS, we provide you with a course code. Once you enter the course code into your digital login, you can access a library full of resources that help you to teach a particular unit.  Each month, you will receive the month's worth of course codes for:

  • History
  • English
  • Math (Saxon)
  • Science
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Values and Virtues

Once you have the class code, you enter the code into your library, and then you can pull over all the resources we’ve put together to teach a particular month-long unit.  These resources have been built over years of classroom experiences. We provide you with a series of folders, lessons, prompts, quizzes, and powerpoints or videos to first introduce a topic or subject to your scholar, then

In addition to our prebuilt, day-by-day lesson delivery, we also include folders full of resources that can expand or complement the delivery that we have built.  For example, we may build out a unit on the American Revolutionary War, and in the build-out, we provide a daily set of learning goals, assignments, and assessments. You may decide that your scholar enjoys the portions of history that reflect the daily life during the time period, the religious affiliations, and the geographic time and place of each history unit. You can easily explore our resources and add or exchange our prebuilt content for content you found in our system.

The power of our digital content to deliver EXACTLY what you are looking for at the EXACT moment is what makes the Ethos Logos so impactful.  You can use our printed resources or expand your options by adding the Ethos Logos Digital subscription.

Included in our digital subscription are dozens of other courses that explain the theory of Classical Education or you can view and learn practical tips and tricks on teaching the Classical way. 

These courses are being added to and improved all the time. We solicit feedback from our families and work to improve the digital offerings every day.

The Benefits of Our Ethos Logos Digital Platform

  • Can be used for teachers and homeschool families.
  • Pull lessons that are pre-built and customize
  • Build lessons from our extensive library of content – think “Teachers Pay Teachers” for Classical Ed K12.
  • Teachers can share their lessons with peers, or Special Ed teachers to accurately know where everyone is paced. Year after year work is done.
  • Teachers can provide a student account and build out the scope and sequence of a course.
  • Creates a one-to-one or flipped classroom opportunity.
  • Homework, lectures, and curriculum resources are always available.
  • If students have an account, parents too can access the classroom content. Monitory progress of their student.
  • Students can submit assignments, take quizzes/tests, and hold discussions inside of Schoology.
  • Teachers have the ability to grade and take attendance in Schoology. Synchs in with various learning management systems (Powerschool, Infinite Campus)
  • Robust assessment features that align with district or state standards.

English Digital Resources

Once you have our English novel card, you see the big areas to cover during a particular month-long novel study.  Our accompanying workbooks, include chapter by chapter questions that you can use to check to understand and ensure your scholar is reading and comprehending the story.  The card includes prompts for Theme, author's Intent, Vocabulary (novel words, Latin root words, Scripps Spelling), and Time and Place context for the novel.  Our workbook includes a detailed list of year-long learning targets that your student should be working on during the year-long English course. This is all you need to teach a novel. 


If you add in our LMS digital resources, we include a deeper set of lessons to make the novel come alive. Within the digital platform, we help your scholar dissect literary devices, grammar drills, and @jowriting prompts in various styles (opinion, narrative, expository, notebook).

In addition to our pre-built lessons, we provide you with a folder full of additional resources that include:

  • Powerpoints
  • Lecture notes
  • Socratic prompts
  • Documentaries
  • Add On Literature to compare/contrast
  • Lesson plans from other OER providers
  • And Much Much More

History Digital Resources

History is a big deal in a Classical school. Everything cascades in the history unit.  For this reason, the History Curriculum Cards are jam-packed with ideas, concepts, and large terms.  When you subscribe to our digital content, each month of history has hundreds if not thousands of combinations that you can put together to make a particular time period come alive.

Just like all our digital resources, you can move from our digital library the day by day instruction that your scholar can follow and enjoy or you can explore our clearly laid out folder of resources and target particular aspects of a historic unit.  Our S.P.R.I.T.E. folders are a great place to start exploring what else you may be able to add to your child's history lessons.

Once you have the Lesson Card plan, and you understand what we've built for your day-to-day instruction you can start to customize your scholar's historical experience. The above schematic gives you a sense of the various resources available for you to pull additional content into our already built course. This idea of basic customization was something important to our teachers and we believe will be important in your homeschool environment. If your child has an interest in a particular type of history, go to our resource library and add content as needed. For scholars that are advanced and always looking for more, this digital rich library is a perfect addition to your home school planning.

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