Ethos Logos Homeschool Curriculum Program

The Ethos Logos Curriculum we are now offering to homeschool families was cultivated, curated, and refined in private and charter Classical schools over the past 25-plus years. Some of the great minds in the world have been Classically educated. A classical curriculum has been part of the major advancements of society since the European universities brought the Trivium and Quadrivium back into style in the late Middle Ages. Graduates of the Classical model have formed and changed the world. Deep thinkers, bold ideas, and virtuous leaders have left their mark on our world in every field, from the humanities, arts, sciences, law, and medicine. Keep reading below to see more about how we're one of the best homeschooling online programs.

Through trial and error and constant feedback from our classroom teachers and parents, we developed a unique blend of rigorous instruction taught through a values-based Classical model. We have blended the sequencing (Trivium stages of learning) with elements of the Charlotte Mason with classical literature, all interwoven education models both accessible and easy to follow. We have you covered for Christian homeschool curriculums.

Once we locked in our curriculum, novels, virtues, artists, and sciences, we aligned our course work to grade-level standards that go above and beyond most public school targets. We found certain states or districts that were exceeding in specific subjects and looked to their best practices as a guide to incorporate new ideas while remaining true to the Classical/Charolette Mason model. We ended up building a wide scope and sequenced curriculum map that cascaded down to a narrow day-by-day instructional digital platform. Teachers in our system or families in our homeschool can join our system at any point along with the compendium and customize their scholar's instruction in limitless ways. All this work and planning is now at your fingertips from a high-level view (40,000-foot level) all the way down to ground level.

Ethos Logos Curriculum Starts With An Essential Question

Socrates knew the power of the question.

Teachers build their daily lessons around an Essential Question.

The scientific revolution changed mankind in search of answering a hypothesis.

Today, your child has an unbelievable amount of information at their fingertips. Answers are everywhere. Look no further than the smartphone in your pocket for instantaneous access to all the answers in the world. At no time in history are we more awash in information yet children struggle to make sense of it all because they lack the foundations to discern good from bad or true from false. For this time we live, we took a page from Socrates and built our curriculum around asking the right questions.

Curriculum Map (40,000-foot view)

Using an airplane analogy, our Classical Model starts out like most schools in America with a curriculum map. This map explains each month, each subject, and the big, high-level view of where we are going in the classroom and at the grade level for the year. Teachers use this curriculum map to fill in details, hunt for resources, align monthly topics to grade-level standards, and plan their instruction. The curriculum map we provide for your grade details subjects, specific learning objectives, and times in the year when you should be introducing new topics. This map guides you through your subject by subject, month by month, and thematic unit-based coursework.

Lesson Cards (20,000-foot view)

We’ve come alongside these big, high-level curriculum maps and created a more focused view of what should or could be covered in a month-long unit. We call this bullet-pointed, overarching concepts-based teaching tool our Lesson Cards. These cards are full of bullet points, images, and categories which we organized for our teachers and families to help bring a full month of instruction into focus.  These cards provide options without excessive detail. The thought is that the teacher, scholar, or homeschool family can take these cards and find something of interest to explore in learning a particular subject. With over 800 Lesson Cards ranging from history to English, science, art, values, virtues, or music, these cards are number and color-coded and created to sit on your workstation as a way to visualize your scholar’s month-long instruction. Align the colored corners, match the number codes for grade/month and work through your monthly lesson.

For our school-based families, these cards are great dinner table conversation starters and a way to loosely keep home and school-aligned and on the same page. With our curriculum map and curriculum card, many of our teachers have all they need to plan their lessons. But we went further.....

One Million and One Question Project (5,000-foot view)

Along with the cards we offer workbooks full of powerful questions. These 5,000-foot view workbooks align with the curriculum map (40,000 feet), and the lesson cards (20,000 feet) and provide a bank of questions for our teachers or homeschool families to pull from in crafting their Essential Questions for a daily lesson.  We call this stage of our system the One Million and One Question Project.  Over a child’s lifetime, they will see, ask, and think up millions of questions in their pursuit of being a fully aware and actualized adult. In their journey to appreciate the Good, True, and Beautiful, we have curated thousands of questions aligned to the curriculum map and the Lesson Cards that will help you and our teachers craft meaningful and impactful lessons.  Traditional textbooks provide a chapter of content that someone thought was important and then provide a series of questions to ensure your scholar read what they were fed. In our model, we provide you with the questions; it is up to you and your child to find the answers. These questions can come alive in assignments including dioramas, research papers, newspaper articles, formal presentations, art integrated projects, and on and on. We give you a number of suggested ways to teach a set of questions, but you are limited only by your creativity.

Ethos Logos Digital (the landing – 0-foot view)

Finally, we’ve built out a comprehensive set of courses that are aligned to;

  1. The Curriculum Map
  2. The Lesson Cards
  3. The One Million and One Question Project

We have taken specific questions that our teachers have deemed important or interesting and we’ve crafted assignments that help to teach a particular unit our way. With this subscription-based service, our digital course provides detailed instructions in a day-by-day format for each subject we lin AND provides you with a smorgasbord of additional teaching resources, suggestions, lesson plans, and ideas for you to supplement our work and make it specific to your child. You can use our off-the-shelf monthly units or customize what we’ve created to make it your own.

Coming Soon

As we build out our platform and continue to answer the call to expand the Classical Education Model around America, we will be offering fully built-out courses from some of the top teachers in the country.  As an example, we can provide you with a month-long unit on the Civil War or you may want to explore the creative and artistic lesson generated by a classroom teacher who has been teaching the Civil War unit for years.

These super creative and impactful lessons will be limited only by the ingenuity of our rock star teachers and the wants of our homeschool families. As we build out this network we ask our teachers to:

  1. Ensure that their units align with our curriculum map and lesson cards.
  2. Clearly list the unique aspects of their particular course offering.  You’ll be able to read reviews from other families about a teacher and about their course.
  3. Provide life and or back and forth feedback to our homeschool families.

We named our homeschool platform Ethos Logos Digital after the Medici Family who was instrumental in supporting the artists of the Renaissance and thereby responsible for changing the world!  We are the people who support the artist (teachers) who with a little luck and a lot of hard work…will change the world!

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