US Civics

US Citizenship Test

Can your student pass the US Citizenship test by 8th grade?

With our help, they can and will.

Did you know that only 19% of Americans born and educated in the USA (under 45) pass the 128 questions US Citizenship test?

Foreign-born people looking to naturalize into the US pass at 97.5%. To us, that doesn’t make sense. If our kids aren’t leaving school with the basics of what it means to be an American, then someone isn’t doing their job. Why memorize and forget when research has found that learning with images helps for a deeper understanding of topics and a greater retention of concepts. In addition to the graphical question lesson cards, our accompanying workbook includes additional lesson cards on the great ideas, inventions, and history makers that made America what it is today.

We begin the US Citizenship Prep instruction in 5th grade and feature 20-25 of the questions each year. We aim for 100% proficiency by 8th grade. This series can be added to your instructional plan at any age. 

The lesson card package comes with a 150+ page workbook with even deeper connections to the individual questions. The cards and workbook will give you a deeper understanding of US Civics. 

This 38 Unit Card set and accompanying workbook features the actual questions and answers from the Citizenship Exam wrapped around background knowledge, the historical context of the answers, and graphically appealing images that help anchor the concepts. 

The US Civics cards accompanying this workbook align with the US Citizenship test, which is taken and passed by 700,000 or so people looking to become American citizens. We feel it is vital for you to understand these ideas and topics to have the underlying knowledge of what it means to be an active citizen in the United States of America. 

 The lesson cards are the foundation of the US Civics platform. These cards are divided into themes around subject areas that align with the 120+ US Citizenship exam.  Each lesson card has a series of questions that include the answers somewhere on that lesson card. The lesson cards' graphics and context help you better understand the back story surrounding a particular question. 

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