Teaching Classically

Parent Training Module

Based on years of actual classroom teacher training, we have over 80 training classes built out and available to our homeschool families that cover basic to advanced elements of teaching, Classical Education, and ways to get the most out of the Ethos Logos curriculum.    

With your digital subscription, we include training courses that help you understand WHY and HOW to deliver impactful Classical lessons. 

Digital Courses are provided to you over time with select mini-courses delivered each month with your Ethos Logos Digital Curriculum service. A sample of the available training course included:

  • How the Digital Resources Align to the Ethos Logos Lesson Cards and How to Add Your Content
  • Why Classical Education Sets Your Scholar Up for Success
  • Charlotte Mason Theory and Why The 19th Century Educator Is Relevant Today
  • Charlotte Mason Application In the Classroom and Home
  • Basic to Advance Classical Education Theory and Practice
  • Thematic Units of Classical Education and How To Keep Your Scholar Engaged
  • How To Lead Socratic Lessons for higher-level verbal and written skills
  • The Power of Narration
  • Integrating Art Instruction into your weekly lessons
  • Ideas for Creative Copy Books and or Lap Books
  • Dyslexia Adaptations for Your Special Needs Scholar
  • English in a Classical Homeschool – Grammar, Writing, Literary Analysis
  • Make your History Lessons Come Alive with Ethos Logos
  • Capstone Projects and Tying Classical Education Together
  • Teaching High School In A Classical Setting
  • Saxon Math Instruction Done Classically
  • Examples of Integrating Picture Studies and Source Document Analysis Into Your Lessons
  • Music Appreciation and Exploration in a Classical School
  • The Ins and Outs of Recitation (Poetry)
  • Science Done Classically – Deeper Than Facts and Concepts 
  • Topics to Explore Responsibility in Science
  • Writing Workshops from Elementary to High School
  • Brain Research and How Your Student Learns
  • Integrating Character Education into All You Do
  • Mind Spring Assessment with Suggestions to Tailor Your Child’s Learning
  • Using Student Data to Fill In Learning Targets or Accelerate your Scholar’s Learning

Our leadership team has built these micro-courses out as a tool to ensure consistency and provide a professional development roadmap for our classroom teachers. These courses are now available to our homeschool families as a tool to better understand the nuances of Classical Education, Charlotte Mason Philosophies, and best practices in student learning.

Teach At Home Training

Let Us Help You With Basic To Advanced Classical Education Homeschool Training

Our leaders run top-rated charter schools around the United States. We are in the trenches daily and have learned very quickly that our teachers' success directly leads to our scholars' success. In many cases, we have teachers that join us right out of school to seasoned veterans restarting their careers in our Classical Education model. Our teacher training experiences have helped us understand the unique needs that you, as a homeschool family, will need to master to make the Ethos Logos Classical curriculum program come alive.

The Ethos Logos Professional Development modules are designed for beginning to advanced teachers and homeschool families. The PD module has short and digestible mini-lessons with examples from other master teachers on what a particular teaching skill looks like in action.

These mini-lessons include support materials, slide presentations, and in some cases, research backing up the particular skill we focus on. The mini-lessons are added to live professional development efforts on our campuses and are available to teachers who are working on a specific skill in the classroom. 

Our on-staff professional development staff is master teachers with years of experience. We are in classrooms every day, helping advance the skills of our classroom teachers. These staff members have also created micro-stores for you to go above and beyond the classes we currently make available.

The Ethos Logos PD module, combined with the Ethos Logos K-12 Curriculum and the Ethos Logos Character modules, all work together to take the guesswork out of the Classical Education experience. 

With all the demands on a teacher in American schools today, this program breaks apart the individual elements of quality instruction and layers those individual skills to meet the teacher where they are in their professional journey. 

Nothing increases student learning outcomes greater than an effective teacher in the classroom. The Ethos Logos PD Module helps homeschool families, school sites, and district administration support teachers' professional goals.

The Teacher PD Modules

Work With Our Master Teachers

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