About The Ethos Logos Classical Program

We have created a K-12 curriculum platform with you in mind.

Our Curriculum is used in Top-Rate  Private & Charter Schools
After years of experience, what emerged is the K-12 platform that we are now sharing with homeschool families. Day by day granularity or wide themes that you can fill in as you see fit.
Built for Classroom Teachers & Homeschool Families
We found that teachers were spending far too much time finding and creating content. Our Program put resources at the fingertips of every teacher in our schools and now, to homeschool families.
Our Instructional Plans Ensures Your Child is on Track & Prepared
Our lesson plans, digital and print materials are clearly laid out for the homeschool family. By building out our instructional plans you can easily see how your child is doing against others in their grade level.

Who created the Ethos Logos Classical Curriculum

The Ethos Logos Classical Curriculum platform was developed by experienced classroom teachers, home school teachers, and experts from private Christian Classical schools. We are the first group to build a full  K 12 classical curriculum for use and adaptation in the private, public, and home school arena.

Why we created the Ethos Logos Classical Curriculum

Millions of families are opting to teach their children in an environment that is safe and matches their family values. When we first embarked on open our Classical Education schools, we found that there were no roadmaps or step-by-step plans on how to successfully build our program.

How We Created The Ethos Logos Classical Curriculum.

We created three simplified homeschool classical education curriculum delivery options with you in mind.

• Lesson Cards & Workbooks that detail each subject.
• Pre-built guided lessons to delivered to your inbox weekly.
• Master teacher online classes-live or prerecorded.

We have created a K-12 curriculum platform with you in mind.

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