Great Men and Women of History

Great Men & Women

These periods align with our grade level thematic units and include Ancients, Medieval, America's Founding. and Modern. These Lesson Cards were designed because history is more than dates, wars, and facts. History is about stories told through the lens of the Great Men and Women of their times. Learning about history makes as a way to make history come alive.

By exploring these historical heroes and legends, your scholar may find commonalities between their lives and those of these history makers. Some of these greats were given all the chances in the world; others had to struggle for every opportunity. However, each started with a burning desire to make a difference and improve the world, a common theme. Each Lesson Card includes bullet points on significant aspects of these Great Men and Women's lives. We also include a description of their childhood and what historical impact they had on the world. The front of the Great Men and Women unit cards has quotes or big questions on the character from history. The back has facts, dates, achievements, movies, or books that may help to further explore the Great Men and Women of history.

The cards also include fundamental Values and Virtues that made these people great. What an amazing way to make history come alive and set an example for your child of what greatness looks like.

These Great Men and Women can be tailored to meet the student's interests or to better culturally represent a historical figure that a student may identify with.  The goal is for teachers to weave these figures into their instructional lessons.

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