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Music is an important part of the human experience. It is a universal language of communication for all humans. With its unique body of knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking, music enriches our lives in our exploration of the Good, True, and Beautiful. The ability to perform, create, and listen to music with understanding is an important part of a Classical education. The K - 12 music program provides the opportunity for students to develop an appreciation and when coupled with hands-on performance opens a life of creative expression for your child.


Music at the grammar stage provides meaningful and enjoyable experiences for your child. Our goal is to introduce foundational understanding to develop a greater love for understanding all forms of music. The learner demonstrates an understanding of fundamental processes through responding, and exploring music types and genres. We encourage our homeschool families to look for performance outlets as part of our music curriculum. Our curriculum focuses on historic music periods, great composers, major music genres, and ways to appreciate a wide range of music.

4th - 6th

The Elementary program continues to provide students with musical experiences that further develop the musicality innate in each scholar. Our course goals are to foster a love and understanding of music as well as growth in their pursuit of the Good, True and Beautiful. In our schools, the Elementary program follows a pedagogical sequence of hearing, singing, moving, deriving, writing, and creating to build upon skills and knowledge acquired in the early grammar stage. The scholar can demonstrate an understanding of basic elements and concepts through performing, creating, and responding, aimed toward the development of an appreciation of music and art, and acquisition of basic knowledge.

7th - 12th

The logic-level music program further develops musical literacy and aesthetic awareness by providing meaningful and challenging musical experiences. Concepts learned in K - 6 are reviewed and reinforced while new skills and knowledge are applied to a number of musical forms. We increase our focus on direct experiences with music and the integration of musical elements. The logic years are viewed as offering the opportunity to provide enrichment to the music program through applying skills and knowledge. Using basic skills in different situations will solidify their musical knowledge and understanding and permit students to move beyond the technical and into the expressive realm of music (aesthetic development).
Music provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Music engages our imaginations and allows us to explore our own identities. The development of musical potential exists in every scholar and is one of the basic tenets of a complete Classical education.
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