Voucher Programs

Use Your Voucher Funds For Classical Curriculum

Voucher programs or Backpack Funding are a new school funding mechanism that is showing up in various states around the US. The idea of funding students and not systems has sparked a rise in homeschooling, private Christian and sectarian school enrollment, and school choice movements such as charters and open enrollment district schools.

Depending on your state's rules, your voucher program funds can be used for academic purposes. With the Ethos Logos homeschool curriculum products, we can provide your family with basic to advanced products and services designed to make your homeschool experience effective and enjoyable. Based on your skill set and unique needs, we have products ranging from:

Curriculum Maps: $9.95 for a full-year laminated set of curriculum maps

Lesson Cards: $29.95 and up for laminated Lesson Cards available for one or multiple subjects

Lesson Guides: $39.99 and up to add in Lesson Guides for English, History, Values, and Virtues, or the Arts

Full Year Full Grade Printed: $199.95 and up for a full year of printed Curriculum Maps, Lesson Cards and Lesson Guides

Monthly Subscription: $39.95 monthly Digital Day-by-Day instruction aligned to our printed materials.

Voucher laws are changing rapidly. From early adopting states like Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina to new states like West Virginia, New Hampshire, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri, you'll find that each state has its own unique way of approaching a voucher program.  (Heritage Foundation - Give Every Child an Excellent Future with Education Savings Accounts - Nov 2022)

According to the National Conference of State Legislators:

  • Fourteen states and the District of Columbia provide state-funded school vouchers to qualifying students. While each state approaches school vouchers differently, there are common questions states must address when developing their voucher programs. These include:
  • What will the program jurisdiction be? Will it be statewide? Will it be limited to certain areas of the state?
  • Which students will be eligible for a voucher? Will it be offered to low-income students, special needs students, students attending failing schools, etc.? Or will every student in the state be eligible?
  • Will the voucher be only for students currently enrolled in public school? Or will it be offered to students already attending private schools who otherwise meet the eligibility criteria?
  • What will private schools be required to do in exchange for accepting publicly-funded students? Will they have to administer state assessments? Will they have to share student performance data with parents? Will they have to receive official accreditation? Will private schools have to share their financial reports with the state? For what reasons will participating schools be allowed to reject voucher student applications?
  • Will there be a cap on the number of vouchers that can be handed out each year?
  • What will be the maximum dollar value of a voucher?

Visit NCSL.com for the most up-to-date explanations of the rules for state-by-state voucher programs. Most states reserve voucher programs for families with special needs students or have Federal Poverty Limit qualifications designed to lower socioeconomic families. Some states, such as Arizona and West Virginia, have experimented with opening vouchers wide open.

Ethos Logos has resources in place to help you be a success in your homeschooling journey. Our program is teacher created and designed for simplicity and flexiblity. 

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