Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools Can Add Faith Friendly Curriculum

For a couple of hundred years, Catholic schools have been delivering on academic rigor and character formation in large and small communities all around America. With newfound competition from charters, school vouchers, and open enrollment, the pressure for Catholic schools to ensure their academics are competitive is greater than ever.

With the Ethos Logos curriculum platform, a Diocese or individual school can bring in one or more of the Ethos Logos subjects to ensure academic standards are being incorporated and teachers have the latest research-backed programs for early reading and more.

Catholic or private schools can no longer rest on how they've been educating students in the past. Many Catholic schools in a region excel at values and virtues but struggle with either English or math. Many have no clear curriculum plan that carries them from grade to grade, and assessment strategies and monitoring of academic progress are often lacking. Gaps or holes in learning continue yearly because the mentality that 'this is how we've always done things' takes hold.

Ethos Logos curriculum platform was adapted from private Christian schools that successfully blended Charlotte Mason's teaching philosophies with the Classical Education model aligned to the Trivium. Our team adapted these models to the public sector by removing any religious doctrine but focusing on academic rigor and character formation. A Catholic Diocese can implement the Ethos Logos curriculum, professional development, and character education platforms and rest assured that the content, which may not cover doctrine, can be easily adapted to meet the catechism and belief systems of the Catholic church.

Our thematic units address the historical conditions in Rome during the rise of Christianity (covered in 1st, 5th, and 9th grade) and explore the Medieval period (covered in 2nd, 6th, and 10th grades) with the rise of the Catholic church, the Protestant Reformation, the battles between both faiths. We then explore the religious conditions that lead to the discovery of America (3rd, 7th, and 11th grades) and Christianity's impact on the governance, expansion, economics, and society in America. Our Great Men and Women series includes famous people from the Old Testament and New as well as Islam's impact on Christianity and the leaders that shaped the early church. We explore all the major faiths in each unit of history instruction. We have available world religions lesson cards which explain the major holidays, belief systems, populations, and regions of all the world religions, including Judaism and Christianity.

Graphic Design and Customization Services

At Ethos Logos, we have a team of graphic designers and production professionals that can help customize our curriculum print materials to your unique needs. From standards alignment to connecting our curriculum print products to your school mission, we can help with all your design and printing services. 

The process is simple; we work with your curriculum department to integrate lessons and provide you with materials that align with your school district. We have sourced and worked with top-quality printers in the US and provide you with design to finished products within your time frame and your district's budget. 

  1. Graphic Design services
  2. Integration with your school district
  3. Printing in small or large
  4. Annual reviews and edits as needed
  5. Standards Alignment to your State

With ompetcition comes innovation. By adding Ethos Logos Curriculum Products to your Diocese, your students will have the latest In STANDARDS, ASSESSMENT and College Prep resources in every classroom.  

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