Homeschool Pods

Homeschool Co-Ops and Ethos Logos

How Ethos Logos Can Help Your Homeschool Pod or Co-Op

Pod and Co-ops often instruct the group of students on a particular theme, novel study, or unit of science. With Ethos Logos, we have designed our curriculum as a complete system with every subject for all grades, or specific portions of our curriculum can be ordered and used to keep your co-op on the same. 

With our Lesson Cards as a guide, a pod of families can have a platform that ensures the entire pod is on the same subjects at the same time. By adding in our Digital Instructional options, the pod can assign projects to be done at home and then present or cover those assignments in the pod setting. 

Our platform provides a way to keep a large group of independent learners on a scope and sequence that is easily followed.

What Are Homeschooling Pods or Co-Ops

Homeschooling pods are popping up in communities all around the US. A homeschool pod is when students from different families gather and are taught different subjects, usually by the parents. The idea is that homeschool families join together at a designated time for core class instruction or enrichment. These gatherings can be informal or very structured. In some cases, a teacher is hired to instruct the gathered families in subjects such as English, math, or science. 

These homeschool pods can take on different names, such as micro-schools, micro-school pods, micro pods, and copods. 

These gatherings can be free or cost parents a fee that matches the family’s budget. These fees can range from $100 per student a week and up. Pods are often run by stay-at-home parents and give working parents a safe place for their kids to learn and socialize. Sometimes teachers are hired for select subjects at select times.

How to Find a Homeschool Pod

Homeschool pods may be a fit for your family. Here are ideas for finding a pod or starting one yourself:

  • Search Facebook groups for a local pod.
  • Google for homeschool pods or co-ops in your area.
  • Check with a local homeschool support group.

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