Through the use of bullet point Lesson Cards in the Ethos Logos platform, our 5th grade son was able to easily comprehend and engage with his history lessons. His enthusiasm for learning was reignited as he discovered topics that sparked his interest, rather than being limited to what his teacher deemed important. As parents, we were thrilled to see our nightly homework sessions become more enjoyable and productive. We wholeheartedly recommend the Ethos Logos platform to any family seeking to cultivate their child's curiosity and love for learning.
Kelly Hanson
Mom of four - Executive
The Ethos Logos early literacy blends phonics, nursery rhymes, and deep rich classical books in an easy to follow way that creates a well rounded way to reading. As a classical education teacher and parent, having the day to day tools to guide my children’s learning that align with our family’s values is priceless.
Mya Robertson
Classical Education Kindergarten Teacher, mom of two.
Our daughter was struggling with middle school physics, and the Ethos Logos - Logic Stage Physics helped her better understand the concepts. Their delivery of learning targets in bullet point form and through their questioning guides allowed her to learn exactly the way she needed. By adding Ethos Logos, her classroom work at school physics started to click for her.
Nereyda Martinez
Mom of four
I believe that for parents who have a deep desire to give their children a quality classical home school education with a strong Christian emphasis, the Ethos Logos classical curriculum is the right choice for your family.
Mike Alameda
Executive Director of Corazón Ministries
Evangelical Christian Association - Hispanic/Latino Outreach Task Force for the Promise Keepers’ Million Man March
After years of classroom input, Ethos Logos has built an easy-to-follow Classical Education for K12 schools and families. Their platform seamlessly integrates the philosophies of Charlotte Mason into a program that a seasoned teacher or new to homeschooling family can implement. As a teacher, the tools prompts, lesson ideas, and resources are what we need to lead our students in their pursuit of The Good, True, and Beautiful. As a leader of teachers, Ethos Logos has given our schools a roadmap to guide them on the journey of impacting students' lives. In my role as a Pastor, I recommend Ethos Logos to families looking for a rigorous, values-based homeschool system that is flexible and matches their Christian worldview.
David Towne
Teacher of The Year - Former Principal Classical Christian School - Director of Professional Development - Pastor Romans 12
In this new curriculum, the Ethos Logos Classical Education Series, the Ethos Logos team has created an attractive, user-friendly curriculum for steeping young minds in the wisdom of the past. As a history-based approach to elementary liberal arts, Ethos Logos is equally adaptable to homeschool and institutional use. As a teacher/administrator with over forty years experience in both public and private schools, my response upon reviewing their’ work was, 'Why wasn’t this around when I started teaching?' The good news for those teaching the current generation is that IS available now, and ready for a variety of implementations.
Tom Askew, Ed.D
40 Year Educator - Curriculum Designer Former Principal, Christian K12
I’ve seen first hand the impact Classical Education can make in my students. I’ve watched them excel academically and grow as young adults. Ethos Logos has built an easy to follow program that will allow anyone to reap the benefits at home or in a charter/public school.
Melinda Cuilty
Classical Education Teacher – Charter
Curriculum Designer
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