What if 2 Types of Education Reform — Charter Schools and Education Savings Accounts — Merged?

July 9, 2023

.....Three things stand out as reasons why charter school leaders and board members might consider making the switch.

First, in places where charters are authorized by local public school districts, ESAs give the option of decoupling. The relationship between a charter and its authorizing school board is often a tenuous one, where charters must show they can do more with less while remaining in the district’s good graces.....

....Finally, escaping public school bureaucracy helps to keep the main thing the main thing — delivering instruction to students. Recent survey data indicates that most teachers would like to spend less time on administrative work and more time teaching. But as compared to their peers at private schools, charter school educators must complete myriad compliance reports that merely document a job well done rather than adding value to a student’s experience.  Full Article at The74 - HERE.

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