Grade Level Lesson Cards & Workbooks Kit


10-12 History Cards
12-25 Top 100 Events of History Cards
18-35 Great Men and Women of History Cards
9-20  US Civics Cards (excluding 1st, 5th, 9th)
2-8  Top 50 Artists Cards
2-8  Top 25 Musician Cards
5-9  English Novel Cards
7-10 Great Poet Cards
10-12  Classical Science Cards
18  Values and Virtues Cards

Workbooks Depending on Grade Level and availability - History, English, Values and Virtues, Artists, Musicians, and Sciences


Each grade level Curriculum kit comes with a 10 month selection of lesson cards. These two sided cards are number coded and color separated for easy sorting. Put a ring through the corner and keep all your months work together for easy access.

Thematic lesson cards, based on the Classical model, connect a time period in history to the great advancements in society, arts, technology, great ideas, literature, poetry and more.

Each month and each grade scaffolds and connects to the next. Lesson cards help you to plan your months instruction in a specific, Classical and Charlotte Mason manner. No more searching the internet, buying textbooks that are hard to figure out or don’t get used. We built the easy to follow roadmap that you customize.

Workbooks are included which provide for you question banks from which to craft lessons that are meaningful to you, your scholar and your belief system. From these big questions you can tailor projects, writing assignments, assessments and your months learning plan. You know what your scholar is interested in, our lesson cards give you hundreds of ways to connect to deeper learning. We lay out hundreds of possible connections for you.

Use the lesson cards and workbooks to teach on our own or enroll in our digital classrooms and where we provide you with day by day instruction, all aligned with our lesson cards. Our digital lessons were created by teachers and can be used as is or customized for ultimate control of your child’s learning experience.

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