New Book At Ethos Logos - The Ultimate Classical Education and Charotte Mason Education Toolbox

July 26, 2023

Dive into the rich tradition of Classical Education and discover a time-tested approach that fosters the development of wisdom, virtue, and critical thinking skills in K-12 students. Perfected in award-winning Classical Education charter schools, this comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through the stages of the Trivium - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric - to provide a well-rounded education that stands the test of time.

By blending the holistic and gentle approach of the Charlotte Mason Education model, we help you design to cultivate a love for learning and promote the full development of a child's mind, body, and character. Drawing from the timeless wisdom of Charlotte Mason, this book provides a comprehensive overview of her educational philosophy and practical techniques for implementing her principles in today's K-12 classrooms.

From studying classical languages and literature to exploring mathematical reasoning and scientific inquiry, this book offers practical strategies and curriculum recommendations to help educators and parents implement Classical Education principles effectively. Prepare young minds to become engaged citizens, independent thinkers, and lifelong learners through the transformative power of Classical Education.

Explore the art of narration, nature study, living books, and short lessons that engage students and foster their natural curiosity. From intentionally cultivating good habits to integrating rich literature and the arts, this guide offers educators and parents a roadmap to create an atmosphere of joy, wonder, and intellectual growth. Unlock the transformative potential of Charlotte Mason Education and empower young learners to become lifelong seekers of knowledge and truth.

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