May We Recommend - Cambridge Latin

The Cambridge Latin Course is a popular Latin curriculum that is used in many high schools and colleges. The curriculum is based on a series of four textbooks, each of which tells the story of a Roman family living in Pompeii during the first century AD. The textbooks use a unique storytelling approach to teach Latin grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Ethos Logos Latin provides Latin instruction only in our digital subscription. Mr. Roberts uses the Cambridge Latin 1 and 2 books as a resource and provides up to 3 video lectures for each of the units in the books. Mr. Roberts also supplements the textbooks with interactive tools, videos, and historical background, which he perfected after years in the classroom.

Here are some key features of the Cambridge Latin Course:

  1. Historic and story focus: The curriculum uses the story of the Roman family to teach Latin grammar, vocabulary, and culture. The story is set in historical context, with references to real events and people from Roman history. This approach helps students to connect with the language and understand its cultural significance.
  2. Progressive learning: The curriculum is designed to be progressive, with each textbook building on the concepts and vocabulary introduced in the previous one. The textbooks are structured around a series of chapters, each of which introduces new grammar concepts and vocabulary.
  3. Active learning: The curriculum encourages active learning, with students reading and translating Latin passages, completing exercises, and engaging in discussions about Roman culture and history. The textbooks also include illustrations and maps to help students visualize the world of ancient Rome.
  4. Teacher support: The Cambridge Latin Course provides a range of teacher support materials, including lesson plans, quizzes, and assessments. This helps teachers to implement the curriculum effectively in their classrooms.

Overall, the Cambridge Latin Course is a unique and engaging curriculum that uses storytelling to teach Latin grammar, vocabulary, and culture. The curriculum's focus on historical context, progressive learning, active learning, and teacher support make it a popular choice for Latin teachers and students. Visit Cambridge Latin for resources and to purchase the textbooks that go with the Ethos Logos digital instruction.

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