Five reasons kids still need to learn handwriting

June 28, 2023

From the Article:

  1. Handwriting develops critical fine motor skills and the coordination needed to control precise movements.
  2. Handwriting has important cognitive benefits, including for memory.
  3. Handwriting, and related activities such as drawing, are tactile, creative and reflective sources of pleasure and wellness for writers of all ages.
  4. Handwriting does not need electricity, devices, batteries, software, subscriptions, a fast internet connection, a keyboard, charging time, or the many other things on which digital writing depends.
  5. Most importantly, learning to write and learning to think are intimately connected. Ideas are formed as students write. They are developed and organized as they are composed. Thinking is too important to be outsourced to bots!

In the Ethos Logos system, we begin penmanship in K and early cursive in 1st and 2nd. We strive for mastery by 5th grade.

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