All In The Delivery

We Offer Your Family Two Ways To Teach

First, you can purchase our printed materials. These include grade-specific curriculum cards that align with our particular thematic units. These units are built around a time period in history. From the chose time period, all other instruction cascades from the history lesson.  For each grade, there are 10 units which we recommend that you cover one unit per month.

Once you receive your cards, you will notice that they are color-coded and numbered. By putting all the particular numbered units together, you have a thematic plan of instruction for your month.

Each unit (month) will include:
1 History Card
1 English Novel Card
1 Artist Card
1 Musician Card
1 Values and Virtues Card
1 Science Unit Card
1-5 Great Men and Women of History Card

For an entire 10 unit year, you'll receive anywhere from 70 to 100 cards.   By following the prompts on the various cards,  you will be able to build lessons for your home environment.

The cards are oversized and laminated and each interconnects with the other in small and large ways. The interconnection is what makes the Classical Education experience so rich and deep.

The cards are full of learning objectives for a particular unit, big overarching questions that you and your homeschool student can explore as well as facts about the people from history that you will be studying that particular month.

There is way too many concepts to cover in each unit card so we encourage you to pick out what you think is important for your family and focus on those aspects. Because we have built our curriculum around the Trivium or three stages of learning, your child will see some of the particular historic topics three times in our K12 system. As a time or concept is introduced for a second or third time, the ability to build on base knowledge and synthesize concepts into higher-level critical thinking naturally occurs.
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