May We Recommend - Schoology

Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) that provides a platform for managing course content, assessments, and lesson planning. It is commonly used in schools, including homeschools and charter schools, to help teachers organize their materials and improve student engagement. Our teachers have built lessons aligned with our curriculum maps, Lesson Cards, and Lesson Guides. Each course has a unique code, which we provide to our homeschool families that provides them access to pre-built lessons as well as additional resources that you can add to our pre-built lessons that allow you to customize instruction to your student's interest. Visit our Pre-Built and Guided Digital Lessons for more information.

Here are some key features of Schoology:

  1. Content management: Schoology provides a centralized platform for managing course content, including videos, documents, and assignments. Teachers can upload and organize their materials in folders, making it easy for students to access and review them.
  2. Assessment tools: Schoology provides a variety of assessment tools, including quizzes, tests, and surveys. Teachers can create custom assessments or use pre-made assessments from the Schoology community. The platform also provides analytics to help teachers track student progress and identify areas for improvement. These assessment tools are embedded in Schoology and are not mandatory. You can use these benchmark assessments as a way to find where your student may need additional help with specific skills.
  3. Lesson planning: Schoology provides tools for creating and organizing lesson plans, including a calendar feature that allows teachers to schedule lessons and assignments. Teachers can also create folders to organize materials by unit or topic, making finding and reviewing content easy. Our teaching staff has been building lessons in Schoology for years. Now you have access to all this content.
  4. Communication tools: Schoology provides a variety of communication tools, including messaging, discussion boards, and announcements. Teachers can use these tools to communicate with students and parents, provide feedback, and answer questions. Think of Schoology as your Facebook wall, which allows you and other teachers to post ideas, suggestions, and resources or to ask for help from our nationwide community.
  5. Integration with other tools: Schoology integrates with a variety of other tools, including Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and Turnitin. This makes it easy for teachers to use their preferred tools and resources within the Schoology platform.

Schoology provides a comprehensive platform for managing course content, assessments, and lesson planning. Its features are designed to improve student engagement and support personalized learning, making it a popular choice for homeschool and charter school educators.