May We Recommend - NCSS

The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) provides a framework for social studies educators to guide their teaching and curriculum development. This framework is called the C3 Framework, which stands for "College, Career, and Civic Life."

The C3 Framework is designed to promote inquiry-based instruction and critical thinking skills by organizing social studies instruction around four dimensions:

  1. Inquiry Arc: This dimension is focused on the inquiry process, including the framing of questions, gathering and evaluating sources, and communicating conclusions. It encourages students to develop research skills and think critically about complex issues.
  2. Disciplinary Concepts: This dimension emphasizes the key concepts and skills of social studies, including history, geography, economics, and government. It provides a foundation of knowledge that students can draw upon as they engage in the inquiry process.
  3. Civics, Government, and Civilizations: This dimension focuses on the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the role of government, and the importance of historical context and critical thinking. It encourages students to become engaged and active citizens who are aware of their own rights and the rights of others.
  4. Culture and Connections: This dimension emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding in social studies education. It encourages students to develop an appreciation for different cultures, their history, religions, and perspectives. It encourages students to develop an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives and to recognize the ways in which culture shapes our understanding of the world.