May We Recommend - Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a curriculum designed to teach handwriting skills to elementary school students. The curriculum was developed by occupational therapist Jan Olsen and is based on the idea that good handwriting skills are essential for academic success.

Here are some key features of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum:

  1. Multisensory approach: The curriculum uses a multisensory approach to handwriting instruction, which means that students use multiple senses (such as touch, sight, and hearing) to learn and practice handwriting skills. This approach is designed to engage different parts of the brain and make it easier for students to learn and retain handwriting skills.
  2. Developmentally appropriate: Handwriting Without Tears is designed to be developmentally appropriate for students in grades K-5. The curriculum is divided into different levels based on grade level and focuses on the specific handwriting skills that are appropriate for each age group.
  3. Consistent instruction: The curriculum provides consistent instruction and practice in handwriting skills, starting with letter formation and progressing to more advanced skills such as cursive writing. The curriculum is designed to help students develop good habits and a consistent handwriting style.
  4. Fun and engaging: Handwriting Without Tears uses a variety of fun and engaging activities to teach handwriting skills, such as games, songs, and drawing exercises. This helps to make handwriting instruction more enjoyable and engaging for students.
  5. Teacher support: The curriculum provides teacher support materials, including lesson plans, worksheets, and instructional videos, to help teachers implement the curriculum effectively in their classrooms.

Overall, Handwriting Without Tears is a comprehensive curriculum that provides a structured and engaging approach to teaching handwriting skills to elementary school students. The curriculum's focus on multisensory instruction, developmentally appropriate content, consistent instruction, and teacher support make it a popular choice for grammar school teachers and homeschooling parents.