May We Recommend - CK12 For Science

CK-12 is a nonprofit organization that provides free online resources for K-12 education, including science resources for homeschool families. CK-12 offers a comprehensive science curriculum that covers a range of topics, from physical science to life science to Earth and space science. Here are some key features of CK-12's science resources for homeschool families:

  1. Flexibility and Depth: CK-12's science resources are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of different homeschool families. The resources can be used as a complete science curriculum or as supplemental materials to complement our Ethos Logos Science Series. Since we spend an entire year in one of the four science disciplines (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics), most textbooks move between all four of these categories, and it's difficult to pull and align what you need when you need it. CK-12 solves that problem with searchable units that align with our Lesson Cards and Lesson Guides.
  2. Interactive materials: CK-12's science resources include a variety of interactive materials, such as simulations, videos, and virtual labs, that help bring science concepts to life and engage students in hands-on learning.
  3. Customizable content: CK-12's science resources can be customized to meet the needs of individual students. Parents can select specific topics or chapters to focus on, and students can work at their own pace. In many cases, our team has built out CK-12 Flexbooks that align to our digital science instruction.
  4. Assessment tools: CK-12's science resources include assessment tools, such as quizzes and practice exercises, to help students check their understanding and track their progress.
  5. Community resources: CK-12's science resources include a variety of community resources, such as discussion boards and study groups, that allow students to connect with other homeschool families and get support from other members of the CK-12 community.

Overall, CK-12's science resources for homeschool families offer a flexible and customizable science curriculum that includes interactive materials, assessment tools, and community resources to support students' learning and engagement in science. Visit CK-12 Science for more information.